School Programs

Bring your class for an art workshop, which will expand critical and creative thinking about topics already being explored in your classroom.

Working in our studio environment or in your classroom, an experienced art instructor will engage your students in art projects that link to Ontario Curriculum expectations, including science, social science, geography, language and media literacy. Students will further explore units of study through the collaborative and thoughtful process of making art.

In addition to the workshop options listed, all workshops can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your students or ongoing classroom activities.

Not just for elementary school students! We welcome high school art classes, summer camps, Brownies/Sparks/Scouts and home school groups.

Grade-specific Art Workshops

Grade Level

Curriculum Links


Grade 2 Social Science, Visual Arts Houses Around the World: How do people in different regions of the world build their homes? Students will learn about different styles of homes throughout the world and how they reflect their climate and landscape. Using this knowledge, students will use paper collage techniques to create their own designs for houses, responding to imagined environments.
Grade 3 Social Science, Visual Arts The Jack Pine: Students will learn about the properties of colour, while creating landscape paintings inspired by Tom Thompson and the Group of Seven. Students will explore how colour can be used to evoke a particular mood or tone in a work of art.
Grade 4 Math, Science, Visual Arts Shadow Puppets: Students will look at shadow puppets from different cultures and learn about size, shape, light, shadow and simple machines as they create shadow puppets, using paper, split pins and dowels.
Grade 5 Science, Visual Arts Paint Box: Artists work with all kinds of materials. Students will explore how different materials can be used as paint. They will also learn techniques to alter the thickness of water-based and acrylic paints. Students will experiment while creating individual works of art.
Grade 6 Biodiversity (Ecosystems), Science, Visual Arts Built Ecosystems: How would humans survive on the moon? What would life be like underwater? Students will discuss the differences between natural and built ecosystems and imagine the individual needs for humans living in unnatural environments. Working with a variety of art materials, students will create three-dimensional ecosystems that could help humans survive in new or unusual circumstances.
Grade 7 and 8 Geographic Inquiry, Social Science, Visual Arts
Language, Visual Arts
Art Like You Mean It: Students will learn about installation art - art that is designed for one particular place and sometimes just for a short period of time. Working in groups, students will create art pieces that can be assembled together to communicate a visual message to their school community.
The Power of Art: How can language be represented through art? Students will explore the idea of effectively and creatively communicating a message through a series of mixed media artworks, which will combine skills in a variety of media, such as drawing, printmaking and acrylics.

Art Workshops for All Grade Levels (Kindergarten to Grade 8)

Choose a workshop that can be customized for your class. Options include:

Program Name


Watercolour Resist Paintings Students will experiment with watercolour paints and resist techniques.
Papermaking Students will learn about the history of papermaking and then mold their own paper from scratch. We recommend a two or three-hour workshop to complete this project.
Printmaking Students will carve designs into soft linoleum blocks or scratch foam using handcarving tools and ink to create prints.
Clay Trivets or Pots Students will build slab or pinch pots or design and create intricate trivets out of self-hardening clay.
Famous Artists Pick a famous artist or art movement to learn about or ask us to recommend an artist.
Seasonal Art and Craft Workshop Get into the spirit of the season with a fun-filled workshop that focuses on a particular holiday or topic of your choosing.

Booking Guidelines

  • Availability: Workshops are available year-round.
  • Booking Contact: Supervisor, Recreation, Arts, 905-875-5393, ext. 4904 or email
  • Advance Notice: Workshops require four weeks of planning time from initial inquiry.

Program Fees

Minimum of 15 students (or equivalent fee)

  • 90-minute workshop:  $6.95/student
  • 2-hour workshop:  $8.11/student
  • Full day:  from $13.90/student

Longer workshops are available for an additional fee. Transportation is not included in fee and must be arranged by the school.


Payment Options

Fees can be paid by cheque (payable to the Town of Milton), credit card or cash.


Fees do not include taxes; programs designed for children 14 years and under and/or persons with disabilities are tax exempt.


You will be issued an invoice reflecting the actual attendance on the day of your program. Payment is due upon receipt of this invoice. A receipt will be mailed to you once the payment is processed.